"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy"

Your Meditation Timer

Stay connected to your body and mind

Meditation allows you to stay connected to your body and mind and let you learn to listen to your body´s demands.

Though meditation is recognized as a largely spiritual practice, it also has many health benefits. Meditation helps relieve stress and can help people with heart problems or high blood pressure.

Statistics on people who meditate have shown they become less stressed and calmer.

Our online meditation timer can help you with your daily meditation practice. Start the timer, sit and wait for the bell rousing you from your meditation.


Want to buy a meditation timer?

The most popular meditation timers

Do you want to buy a meditation timer? Take a look at our meditation timer reviews page. Here you can find meditation timer reviews of the most popular meditation timers.

Like the Blue Moon Timer and the Sage Meditation Timer. The timers are available on Amazon.


Benefits of Meditation on Health

Meditation is great for your health

For thousand of years, Buddhist meditators have claimed that the simple act of sitting down and following their breath while letting go of thoughts can free one from neurotic suffering.